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As the University's Financial Assistance Funds are limited and receive a high volume of applications, you should speak to your College Tutor and explore all other sources of financial assistance, including funds available at your College, before approaching the University for financial assistance. 

Students in zones of conflict who are in financial need should apply to the Undergraduate Financial Assistance Fund or Postgraduate Financial Assistance Fund

The University provides several central sources of financial assistance:

Fund Who this is for
Undergraduate Financial Assistance Fund Undergraduates facing exceptional and unexpected financial need
Postgraduate Financial Assistance Fund Postgraduates facing exceptional and unexpected financial need

Realise Financial Assistance Fund 

Home Undergraduates on intermission who fall into one of the following groups as identified by The Realise Project:

  • Care experienced and estranged students
  • Refugee, asylum seeker and forced migrant students
  • Young carer students 
  • Gypsy, Roma, traveller, showman and boater students
The Crane's Charity 

Any student facing exceptional and unexpected medical costs leading to financial need

ADRC financial support Disabled students 
Childcare Bursary Scheme Students with dependent children
Loan Fund I  Any student who finds themselves in unexpected financial  need requiring a temporary loan

You should use this flow diagram to help identify which funds may be most appropriate for you to apply for. 

Please note that the Sheikh Family Bursaries are no longer available.