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Extended Self-Service (ESS) allows alumni to access their Self-Service account in CamSIS. Previous students are moved onto ESS once they have completed their studies (see specific guidance in the FAQs if you graduated before 2013). You can continue to use your Raven credentials to access ESS.

It is available to previous students and allows access to:

  • update contact details
  • view exam grades
  • view supervision reports
  • view a copy of an unofficial transcript
  • apply for an official transcript
  • apply for graduation*

*Graduation functionality is under the control of each College as to if, and for which ceremonies, it can be used.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I have recently completed my studies and am unable to access Extended Self-Service?

If you graduated after Summer 2013 and you still know your CRSiD and Raven password, you should be able to log in with Raven credentials via the 'Alumni' option here.

If you graduated before this date or you cannot recall your Raven password you can access Extended Self Service.

What if I have completed my studies and do not have an ESS account?

If you have completed your studies or are no longer on the Student register, you will need to complete a registration process to access ESS.

What should I do if I am a postgraduate student and have submitted my work for approval?

Your current programme of study will only be closed once the degree approval has been applied to your record. Until then, you should continue to access standard Self-Service in CamSIS.  When your programme of study is closed, your permissions in CamSIS will change and you will see the ESS pages.

What if I have forgotten my log-in details?

If you are a current student and still using Raven to log in, you need to contact the Service Desk at University Information Services: email, phone 01223 (7)62999.

If you have already registered and forgotten your password, click on the forgotten password link on the ESS login page. If you are still unable to log in, contact Student Registry, giving your USN/CRSid, name and date of birth for assistance.

What is my USN?

Your USN is the unique student number that was allocated to you when you were at the University of Cambridge - this is a nine digit number.

What is my CRSid?

Your CRSid is the first part of your email address that you were allocated whilst at the University of Cambridge - this would usually consist of your initials and a random number or numbers.

What if I do not know my CRSid or USN

Email giving your full name, including any middle or former name and date of birth to Student Registry;

What should I do if I am unable to log in and the error message 'Unable to verify details' appears?

A common issue for seeing this error is using a graduation date instead of a matriculation date. (i.e. the term and year you started at Cambridge) and the name you used when you graduated. This may also mean that details that are being used to register do not match what is held in CamSIS. You will need to contact the Student Registry, giving your USN/CRSid, full name, including any middle names and former names, and date of birth, by emailing

What should I do if I am having problems launching ESS and the message 'not authorised for this page' appears?

You need to clear down your browser history, including cookies. This can be accessed from most browsers via the Tools link on the toolbar.  You cannot access ESS when you are logged into Raven.

What if I can’t access CamSIS via the browser Internet Explorer 10?

If you are experiencing problems with Internet Explorer 10, use an alternative browser or use Internet Explorer 10 in 'Compatibility View'. Ask your local IT support staff for guidance or follow the steps outlined on the Microsoft website. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Should you require further assistance, contact the Helpdesk.

What should I do if I am a medic or vet moving from pre-clinical to clinical study and have lost access to standard Self-Service?

You should continue to have access to CamSIS with Raven during the long vacation.  After your pre-clinical course has finished your permissions in CamSIS will change so that you only see the Extended Self Service pages.  Once your clinical course starts (1 October) you will regain access to standard Self-Service.  Once you have completed the clinical course, you will continue to have access to Extended Self Service in CamSIS with your Raven account.