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Prior to an examination, doctoral students are required to ensure that the following issues are observed or relevant paperwork submitted where required.

Applying for Appointment of Examiners

The application for the appointment of examiners should be submitted to the Degree Committee at least two months in advance of submitting your thesis. You should discuss the choice of examiners with your supervisor.Please note that although you are entitled to suggest potential examiners to your supervisor, the final decision rests with the Degree Committee. Please check the guidance issued by your Department/Degree Committee for details of the application process and any internal deadlines. Some Degree Committees may require an abstract to be submitted with the appointment of examiners form.

Further information about appointment of examiners can be found in the Code of Practice.

The oral examination will normally take place in-person in Cambridge but you have the option to request a viva by video conference. Please make your supervisor aware of your preference as it may affect the choice of Examiners.


Approval of Thesis Title

When do I need a precise title for my thesis?

The research subject is provisionally approved at the point of admission to the degree and confirmed more specifically when you are formally registered for a research degree.

When you apply for Examiners to be appointed, the Degree Committee may ask for a precise thesis title to be proposed. The supervisor may also be invited to indicate his or her support for this title which will need to be submitted to the Degree Committee for approval.

Additional materials/extension to the word-limit

Candidates should write as concisely as is possible. Each Degree Committee has prescribed the limits of length and stylistic requirements which are strictly observed by the Postgraduate Committee and the Degree Committees - details of these and advice about how to apply for an extension to the word-limit can be found here

Students other than those in the Faculty of Music must seek permission if they wish to submit additional materials alongside their thesis. This process should be initiated prior to the thesis submission.