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Registration as a University Society

Any society that consists wholly or partly of members of the University in statu pupillari (student in residence) may apply to the Junior Proctor (Proctors' Office, The Old Schools, Trinity Lane) for registration as a University society. A financial statement, constitution and list of officers must be supplied. Before registering a society, the Junior Proctor must be satisfied that the society is genuinely a University society, and its constitution must therefore state that the society is open to all members of the University. A registered society may apply to the Societies Syndicate for financial assistance, and may obtain access to centrally-provided computing facilities via University Information Services.

To continue being registered, a society must, each Michaelmas Term, upload to Moodle for the Junior Proctor a copy of the annual accounts audited by a senior member of the University or (with the Junior Proctor's permission) some other responsible person. They must also supply a list of the current officers and notify any changes in the constitution.

Dramatic and musical societies are reminded of the law concerning public performances. If registered, they may apply to the Societies Syndicate for a guarantee against a performance making a loss. Registered University societies may apply to the Societies Syndicate for advice and financial assistance.

Further information about registered clubs and societies