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Sallie Mae is the only lender of which we are currently aware that will lend funds for private loans to US students studying outside the US. You can apply for a private loan with Sallie Mae via GEMS (Global Education Management Services) at an organisation dedicated to handling Sallie Mae loans for students at foreign schools.

If you find another lender we would be willing to work with them.

Sallie Mae is an organisation experienced in lending to and dealing with US students studying outside the US. Current and past students have used them when taking out private loans.

As federal loans generally have more favourable terms and conditions than private loans, please ensure you check interest rates, compare terms and conditions and thoroughly investigated the possibility of taking out federal loan(s) before applying for a private loan.

Private loan applications with Sallie Mae must not exceed 180 days between the application and disbursement date. The first disbursement will not be made before the start of your first term – therefore please do not apply for your loan before the beginning of May.  

If a private loan is required please apply on the main University of Cambridge’s school code (G04030) if applying for an MBA, EMBA, MSt or MAC (Master of Accounting); otherwise, please apply for one on your College’s school code. The maximum that can be borrowed on a private loan is the yearly cost of attendance (plus any of the extras mentioned on the 'Cost of Attendance' page of the US loans website) less any financial aid (loans, awards, bursaries, scholarships etc.).

If ONLY taking a Private Loan please fully complete the following spreadsheet:

COA for PRIVATE LOAN ONLY 2021 - 2022 

Please e-mail once you have successfully completed an application for a private loan, making sure that you attach a copy of the fully completed COA for PRIVATE LOAN ONLY 2021 - 22 spreadsheet which should include your yearly cost of attendance (composition (tuition) fee, college fee (if applicable), maintenance (living expenses) (not applicable for part-time students) and non UK settling in figure (if applicable)) and full details and amounts of any of the extras you require detailed on the 'Cost of Attendance' page of the US loans website. Please also Include details and amounts of any additional financial aid you are receiving.

Please also attach a signed and dated Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification form to your e-mail. An e-mailed scanned completed copy will be acceptable. For reference this is something that is required before we can certify and process a private loan.

 Once your private loan has been certified Sallie Mae should send you a letter of confirmation which if required for 'visa' purposes will be sufficient proof that you have a private loan.

You can apply for a private student loan with Sallie Mae via the following link: Sallie Mae GEMS