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Setting up your access

If you are a new student or a student who is returning to study after a break

Enter your application number and name and you will receive passwords for all the accounts you need at the University (Raven, Hermes and Public Workstation Facility – PWF). The Computing Service will contact you about this via your College.

If you are currently a graduate student

All graduate students have a Raven account. It will have been automatically allocated to you at the beginning of the term you commenced your study. Your CRSid is the User-id.

To access CamSIS

Click on 'Student Log In' and then 'Log in to CamSIS' – you will be prompted to fill in your CRSid/User-id and Password.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your Raven password, the Computing Service can assign you a new one. See How do I get a Raven password? for details. If you have any difficulties or need to know your CRSid, please contact the Computing Service.

Can the Student Registry print off an application form for me?

No, we can't. But you can use the computers and printers at your College, Desktop service provision within the University, including the University Centre, or at the Graduate Union (if you are a Graduate). You will need a mcs account, which was automatically allocated to you on your admission to the University. For further information about this, please contact the Computing Service.