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Procession of ceremonial officers outside Senate House

If you are about to graduate, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and we hope that your graduation at Cambridge proves to be a truly memorable occasion.

Undergraduates usually proceed to the Bachelor of Arts (BA), their first degree in most cases, as soon as they are qualified to do so. However, if a student is intending to be a candidate for the Master of Engineering (MEng), Master of Mathematics (MMath) or Master of Science (MSci) degrees they must defer taking the BA until the end of their fourth year.

Any degree for Postgraduates can be conferred at the ordinary Congregation ceremonies but please check with your College before applying so that you are not disappointed as they may not be presenting at particular ceremonies.

The main ceremonies for Undergraduates are held at the end of June and this is commonly referred to as General Admission. However, Undergraduates can choose to have their degree conferred at any of the Congregation ceremonies held throughout the year but please always check with your College before applying. 

As a Bachelor of Arts a student may be admitted as a Master of Arts not less than six years from the end of your first term of residence if two years have elapsed since they were admitted as a Bachelor of Arts. The Degree of Master of Arts denotes a person's standing in the University, and gives admission to membership of the Senate; it does not depend upon further study, or residence, or payment of a fee. Further details are obtainable from Tutors or College Praelectors.

For further information on Congregation ceremonies at Senate House please click here