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Applicants for Pre-Clinical Medicine or Veterinary Medicine Courses

Undergraduate students on the medicine or veterinary medicine course will follow a programme that, if successfully completed, will lead them to an automatic right to practise medicine or veterinary medicine. Pre-clinical medicine and veterinary medicine students at the University of Cambridge have contact with patients in the community from the first weeks of the course, and are entered on the Medical Students Register from day one. The University and Colleges jointly have a responsibility to ensure that any matters that could bear on a student's suitability or fitness to practise, or to deal with patients and colleagues, are handled properly. Before admission, all medicine and veterinary medicine students are therefore required to undergo, through the DBS, a Disclosure of any criminal record.

If you firmly accept a conditional or unconditional offer of a place on a pre-clinical medicine or veterinary medicine course you will be sent an email by the Student Registry to advise you of: 

  •  the online application process, payment options, and what needs to happen once we receive notification that you have received your DBS certificate.
  •  links to University and DBS guidance for the application process
  • ID documents information sheet.

A condition of your offer of a place at the University of Cambridge is subject to receipt of a DBS check. All conditions of your offer should be met by 31 August. The current fee for seeking an Enhanced Disclosure is £51.19, and £31.19 for a Standard Disclosure. Medicine students require an enhanced DBS check and Veterinay students require a Standard DBS check.

Further information:

If you have any further queries concerning your DBS application, there are three main points of contact: