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These web pages provide information for registered students at the University of Cambridge about a range of funding, additional to statutory and other state support, that is available to students who find themselves in need of extra financial assistance or who are otherwise facing exceptional and unexpected financial need.

The information here may also prove useful to the parents/guardians/advisers of students, as well as to College Tutors and other members of staff at the Collegiate University.

Prospective students, or registered students seeking funding to begin a new course, should visit the funding pages for either undergraduate or postgraduate study. You may also wish to visit the Cambridge Students' Union's Student Advice Service website.

For an overview of the financial assistance available, please visit this page.

For information about eligibility, please read the General Eligibility Principles and Guidance

Financial Assistance Fund
Cambridge Bursary Scheme


Financial Assistance Fund
Support from your Funding Sponsor

Crane's Charity 

College Financial Assistance

Realise Financial Assistance Fund


Childcare Costs

Loan Fund I

Budgeting & Financial Advice

External Support