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Cambridge students


University regulations and guides

The University's regulations are stated in its Statutes and Ordinances.

University Proctors and Pro-Proctors

The Proctors and Pro-Proctors are responsible for maintaining good order and discipline in the University. Proctorial Notices concerning discipline are posted in all Colleges and most University buildings. All disciplinary charges brought by the Proctors will be considered by the University Advocate, who may decide to prosecute in the University Courts.

The University Constables assist the Proctors and Pro-Proctors in maintaining good order and discipline and are chosen for their ability to deal with members of the University in a friendly and non-confrontational manner. Within five miles of Great St Mary's Church, these Constables have powers equivalent to those of Police Officers.

The Proctors are available to members of the University for confidential consultation upon any matter, whether it is discipline-related or not.

For further information on University discipline and Proctorial Notices visit the Proctors' Office website.

Other policies that students should familarise themselves with include:

Legal compliance

There are a number of legal regulations that all staff and students are obliged to comply with: