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The Cambridge Student Information System (CamSIS)

Since 2004–05 the University has managed student records (admissions, registration, progress, examination, transcripts) through a web-based system known as CamSIS (Cambridge Student Information System). You will need to use CamSIS via your own Self-Service account (referred to as a Student Centre on CamSIS) in order to manage your life while a student at Cambridge. CamSIS, along with the manage your student information pages, are your most important sources of information for managing your study and life at Cambridge.

All students have access to their own student record through their online Self-Service. This service will already be familiar to most postgraduate students from their admission.

Students are responsible for managing various aspects of their interactions with the University and its staff through Self-Service, for example:

  • notification of changes in contact details (these are especially important around the time of the examination)
  • exam enrolment
  • applying to the Postgraduate Committee for allowances, special permissions
  • requesting deferral of submission, appointment of Examiners, etc.
  • applying for graduation
  • viewing supervision reports submitted through PFRS
  • reviewing transcripts
  • voting in student elections.

Self-Service should be used by students in conjunction with the explanatory notes and supplementary information set out in the manage your student information section, where details of the range of allowances, permissions etc, and how to apply for them, are explained.