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Degree Certificates

Please note that only one degree will be displayed on your certificate.  Therefore, if you require certificates for more than one degree you must order the correct amount.

Orders for certificates should only be made after your degree is conferred.

Replacement or supplementary copies of your original degree certificate will be charged at £15.00. Please allow up to 28 working days for dispatch.

Alternative design certificates bear the arms of the University printed in colour with details hand written by a calligrapher. The dimensions are 350mm x 244mm which is larger than the original certificate. Alternative degree certificates are for display purposes only and do not replace the original degree certificates which should be retained as proof of graduation. They are available to order at a charge of £40.00. Please allow up to 3 months for dispatch.


Ordering degree certificates

Alternative design certificates are £40 and standard certificates are priced at £15. You can place and pay for your order:

DHL Delivery Service

There is also an option for a DHL delivery service at an additional cost of £15.00 per address. This service is strongly recommended to ensure safe delivery. The University does not accept responsibility for items lost in transit.

This is available to purchase on the Online Store as a separate item which you can add to your basket. Where multiple deliveries are required, the £15.00 is payable for each different address.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my BA certificate have my subject or class on it?

No overall class is assigned to the degree issued by the University of Cambridge. Instead, each Part of a Tripos is self-contained and you obtain separate results for each one: there is no averaging out for a final degree. In addition, your degree certificate will not state the subject(s) that you have studied: the degree you receive is the BA degree. You do not, for example, get a BA in History but you could take a Part I in the Historical Tripos and a Part II in the Historical Tripos and thus qualify for the BA degree. Instead your transcript will list the papers you took and the results obtained, where recorded.

Can I get a digital copy of my certificate?

No. For security reasons, the University only issues the degree certificate as a hard copy. 

I completed more than one course at the University, do I need to purchase multiple certificates?

There is only one degree per certificate. Therefore if you completed more than one course and you require a certificate for all of your completed courses you will need to purchase multiple copies. When you place the item in your basket you will be able to specify which degree you need to have on the certificate.

I never received a free copy of my degree certificate.

All students who have their degree awarded are issued a certificate. Check with your College in the first instance to see where your certificate was sent.

If you have any further queries please contact:

Student Registry, University of Cambridge, Student Services Centre, New Museums Site, Bene't Street, Cambridge, CB2 3PT

Tel: +44 (0)1223 766302