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Cambridge students


Payment of Fees

Fees (both University and College fees) are paid to a student's College, rather than the University centrally. If you have any queries about payment options and timeframes, please contact your College Accounts office:

Undergraduate Fees

Information for prospective students, including estimates of living costs, is available on the Undergraduate Admissions website, and is updated annually to reflect costs in the next academic year:

University fees for current students are published on the Planning and Resource Allocation Office website.

Information about other costs for current undergraduate students is usually provided on College websites or from College Tutorial Offices.

For information about either the Student Loan Company (SLC), the Cambridge Bursary Scheme, fees for Overseas students or those studying for a second degree, contact your College:

Note that for students eligible to receive public support for fees, fees are charged in line with SLC payments in installments of 25%:25%:50% respectively per term.

Graduate Fees

Information for prospective students on estimated costs (University Composition Fee and maintenance) can be found on the Graduate Admissions website Graduate Course Costs page.

The University Composition Fee for current students is published on the Planning and Resource Allocation Office website.

  • Staff Fee

Information on Staff fees for current students is available on the Staff Fee page.

  • Leave to work away

Information on fees for students who are planning to work away can be found on the Leave to Work Away page.

  • Exemption from Fees (PhD having completed the required number of terms)

For more information visit the pages on Exemption from the University Composition Fee.

  • Fee Status Reassessment

For all graduate students (including current students) this is handled by the Graduate Admissions Office your fee status section.