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Should your name be recorded incorrectly on your university record, or if it has changed since your admission, and you wish to update it, you must provide suitable documentary evidence (see below).   Your request and supporting documentation can then be submitted via the Student Registry help centre

Acceptable documentary evidence

You will need to provide the Student Registry with copies of the documentary evidence. We will then change your name on your record and will email you and all interested parties to confirm that your name has been changed.

For UK students

  • Passport
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Deed Poll

For international students

  • Passport (please note that this is the only acceptable form of evidence for international students. It is a requirement that your name in our records matches that shown on your passport).

If you are an overseas student requiring entry clearance to study in the UK, please ensure you comply with the conditions of your visa. For visa information contact the International Student Office (