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The University uses a secure electronic document system, called “Digitary”, which allows current registered graduate students to request and access verification letters online.  The verification letter is digitally signed and can be used to support (for example):

  • Council Tax Exemption applications
  • Schengen visa applications
  • Proof of Study

Council Tax Exemption Letters

If you are a graduate student and live within the area served by Cambridge City Council you do not need to apply for a council tax exemption letter.  You will need to apply for exemption via the City Council's website, and the Council will use information provided by the University to confirm your eligibility for exemption.  If you have completed more than 4 years, irrespective of whether you have submitted your dissertation or not, the Student Registry can to prepare a letter for you to present to Cambridge City Council along with any further information you think would be useful to help them to consider your application. 

Requesting a Letter

Digital letters can only be requested via your CamSIS self-service and will contain information from your CamSIS student record.  The letter will be generated automatically and should be available within five working days.  in CamSIS go do apply for things/ verification letters.

If the information in the letter is not correct, check your personal details and course registration in CamSIS.  If you need help doing this or would like further information, please contact:

Whilst your college should not be providing letters for you for Council Tax exemption if you are over the four year point in your studies, they may be able to prepare other letters for you.  Please check with your college directly.