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Cambridge students


Researcher development

Your doctoral studies are about pursuing your research project and developing personal capabilities so that you can contribute to knowledge and understanding within your academic community and through public engagement and outreach.  Cambridge offers a great array of opportunities to extend your understanding and experience, including the Researcher Development Programme and careers services, as well as programmes and initiatives co-ordinated through your School, Department / Faculty, and your College.

Research integrity

The University is committed to the highest standards of rigour and integrity in its research, whether undertaken by staff or students. 

Students undertaking research should visit the University’s Research Integrity website, which outlines a researcher’s responsibilities and provides guidance and good practice. 

The website also includes links to the University’s Research Integrity Statement and Good Research Practice Guidelines

Students and staff should also be aware of the University’s Policy on Misconduct in Research.  The University defines misconduct as:

Fabrication, falsification, plagiarism or deception in proposing, carrying out or reporting results of research and deliberate, dangerous or negligent deviations from accepted practice in carrying out research. It includes failure to follow agreed protocol if this failure results in unreasonable risk or harm to humans, other sentient beings or the environment, and facilitating of misconduct in research by collusion in, or concealment of, such actions by others. It includes any plan or conspiracy or attempt to do any of these things.

Misconduct in this context does not include honest error or honest differences in interpretation or judgement in evaluating research methods or results, or misconduct (including gross misconduct) unrelated to the research process.

Best practice for research

Research students should visit the pages on Research best practice for information about the following:

  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Including work undertaken in collaboration with others and/or work submitted for another qualification
  • Intellectual Property and copyright
  • Confidentiality
  • Access to theses