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Q. How do I know whether my registration has been succesful?

At the end of the registration process, click 'Finish' and you will see the message 'You have completed Student Registration'.

If you are able to login to your CamSIS self-service account, then you have successfully completed the Student Registration exercise. Please note that new students will only see links to the Cambridge Bursary Scheme and Student Questionnaires. They will not be able to access any more of the features of Self-Service until the first day of their first term.

Q. How can I change my photograph?

Please contact the Card Office representative at your college. A list of Card Representatives is available on the University's card representative page. (To access this link, you will need to login using your Raven password. New students will receive this at the end of the Student Registration process.)

Q. I have completed the Registration exercise but I still haven't received my first student finance payment. How do I inform the Student Loans Company that I am a registered student?

The Annual Student Registration exercise only relates to the verification of information held on CamSIS. It does not make any difference to student finance payments.

Please contact your College's Finance Office for further assistance.

Q. Is there a receipt that I can give to external organisations (i.e. funding bodies) to show that I am registered as a student?

There is no receipt given as part of the Annual Student Registration exercise. Please contact your College Tutorial Office in the first instance.

Q. I have a Staff Raven ID. Will registering as a new student mean that I lose my existing Raven login?

No, you will not lose your existing Raven login as a result of registering as a new student.

Q. My highest previous qualification is a Masters, but I am still awaiting the results. What should I do?

Enter actual received results at the point of registration. When you have received your Masters results, then inform your College.

Q. Can I change my CRSid?

No, sorry, these are automatically generated.

Q. Why do you ask for an emergency contact? Will you disclose medical information to them?

We ask you for emergency contact details so that we can get in touch with someone if you are seriously ill or involved in an accident.

For example, many people provide a parent's name and contact details so that, if they are hospitalised, we can let their parents know what is going on.

Q. When I received the email asking me to complete registration it asked me to click on a blue box 'Register your personal information' but I cannot see a blue box?

If you cannot see this box you should see some tiles on the screen; please click on the 'Tasks' tile to complete registration.