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Withdrawing from the University

If you wish to withdraw from your course, it is important to let the University know by submitting an online form. You may find it useful to discuss leaving the University with your College Tutor before finalising your decision. We may, on occasion, have to seek comments from your supervisor and Degree Committee to finalise arrangements.

Submitting the withdrawal form

You can submit the withdrawal form via your CamSIS self-service. Information on how to do this is available on the ‘Applying for a change in your student status’ page.

Once submitted, your application to withdraw will be considered by your supervisor, department, College and Degree Committee before arriving at the Student Registry for the final decision.

Timing of withdrawal

If you submit an application to withdraw within the first 21 days of the start of a ‘full term’, you will not be considered liable for fees for that term. If you submit your application later than the 21st day of a ‘full term’, you will be considered liable for fees for that term unless you have already paid the maximum fees required for your course.

You can find more information about the dates of full term on the ‘Term Dates’ page of the University’s website:

The effects of withdrawing from the University

Withdrawing from the University means that you will no longer be recorded as a student of the University of Cambridge. This would mean that you would no longer be entitled to supervision or the use of University resources, including your University email address. When your withdrawal is confirmed the University Information Services (UIS) will email you giving notice of approximately four weeks before your access to resources and your Cambridge email addresss are deactivated. In exceptional circumstances access to these resources may be retained for a further period, with the support of your department in consultation with UIS. You should contact your departmental postgraduate administrator if this applies to you.


If you have chosen to withdraw, you will be able to apply for reinstatement in the future. See the page on reinstatement for more information about this.


If you are not self-funded, you should contact your funding body regarding any decision to withdraw. The funding body may have different terms and conditions attached to your funding and there may be funding implications involved in withdrawal.

International Students

If you are studying with a Tier 4 visa, the University is required to cease sponsorship for this visa with effect from the date of your withdrawal. The International Student Office will confirm the implications of this by e-mail.
Please contact the International Student Office directly should you have any question about this:


If you have any questions about withdrawing from the University, please write to the Student Registry at