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This section refers to arrangements for the oral examination and refers to examinations for the MPhil degree (by thesis and oral only), MLitt degree, MSc degree, PhD degree and the Certificate of Postgraduate Study.

The Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) will make recommendations for examination access arrangements for students who disclose a disability directly to them or where requested by Degree Committees.

Students who disclose a disability to the ADRC will receive a Student Support Document (SSD) in which the ADRC will make recommendations for any examination access arrangements. The Degree Committee can view the recommendations in the SSD through CamSIS if the student has given permission for the information to be shared with them.

Students can also declare a disability by completing and submitting a voluntary disclosure form to their Degree Committee.

Where a Degree Committee requires advice or recommendations from the ADRC in relation to reasonable examination access arrangements, a request should be emailed to the ADRC at The header should state 'Request for research-only exam access arrangement recommendations' and include the name and USN of the student. The name of the individual to whom the recommendations are to be sent should be clearly identifiable within the email. The appropriate ADRC Disability Adviser will then send provide recommendations on a Student Support Document template which will be uploaded to the student's CamSIS record for the Degree Committee to access. Sufficient time should be allocated to allow the appropriate recommendation to be considered and communicated; a minimum of three weeks should be allowed.

It should be noted that recommendations from the ADRC are advisory. The Degree Committee or Postgraduate Committee may decide whether recommendations are appropriate and reasonable.