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Application procedures and forms

You can access information about application procedures relating to your academic and personal life from CamSIS; that is, what to do if you get ill, want to undertake research away from Cambridge, and so on. These applications are referred to as changes in your student status. Once you have consulted our website for full information, you can follow the instructions on the 'Applying for a change in your student status page' to submit an application..


Personal information

Your Self-Service account on CamSIS is the place where you maintain your personal data, e.g. postal addresses, emergency contacts, email addresses and phone numbers. It is very important that you update your own personal data and do not rely on any other party to do this for you.

Click on the links in the 'Personal Information' section of your Self-Service account to manage your details.

Supervision reports

You will be able to read your supervision reports via your Student Self-Service account. Supervisors will produce reports on your performance at least once a term and report using the undergraduate online reporting system, CamCORS, or the postgraduate student record system, CGSRS, which is incorporated within CamSIS.

Click on the 'Graduate Supervision Reporting' link in your Self-Service account, (under the 'Additional Student Data' part of 'Academic Record').


You can view and print unofficial transcripts, and request official transcripts.

Click on the 'Request Official Transcript' or 'View Unofficial Transcript' links in your Self-Service account (under 'Academic Record').