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These instructions are for students entering the second and subsequent years of their course.  They do not apply to you if you have studied at Cambridge before but are starting a new course of study. If you are starting a new course of study, then you need to follow the instructions for New Students.

Students should not attempt to complete registration until formally invited to do so.

Completing student registration

Log on to your self-service account and you will see that in your tasks tile there is 1 item on your To Do list.




















You can see the icon “Tasks” with 1 To Do.  Click this icon and it will take you to your ‘To Do’ list:






Click on the Student Registration task.

















Click the Start Registration button which will take you to the Student Registration Exercise.

There is guidance on each screen throughout the process. A document showing all the screens a continuing student will see during the registration exercise can be found here that shows you what to expect. If you do require help please contact us via our Contact Form.

You will be able to amend information either directly or by requesting a change.

Once you have completed registration your task tile will not show any outstanding items (unless you have outstanding tasks relating to other matters).