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In order to qualify for the Bachelor of Divinity degree candidates will need to:

  1. provide proof of a significant contribution to the knowledge of one or more of the subjects listed in Regulation 1 of the Degree; and
  2. meet the eligibility criteria for the degree. In order to check this, please see the regulations below.

Please check the eligibility criteria very carefully.  Candidates are also advised to read the Guidance for Candidates for the Bachelor of Divinity.

Please note that the term 'admission' to a degree means the date on which the degree was conferred on the candidate, not the date the candidate began the degree.

If candidates meet the eligibility criteria for this degree and would like to make an application for the Bachelor of Divinity they will need to complete the following forms:

The Board will acknowledge the receipt of the application and keep candidates up to date with the status of their application. Please note that consideration of an application may take longer than a year.