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The following is a list of dates of congregations of the Regent House at which degrees may be conferred.

Any degree can be conferred at the ordinary Degree Congregations held on Saturdays two or three times each term. The four successive Congregations at the end of June called General Admission are for the BTh, BA, VetMB and BA with MEng or MMath or MSci degrees only.

At General Admission and in July Colleges present their graduands on a specific day.

Colleges do not necessarily present students to graduate in person at every ordinary Congregation.

Please contact your College for further details.

Michaelmas Term 2018

  • Saturday, 20 October, 11am
  • Saturday, 24 November, 2pm

Lent Term 2019

  • Saturday, 26 January, 2pm
  • Saturday, 23 February, 2pm
  • Saturday, 23 March, 11am
  • Saturday, 30 March, 11am

Easter Term 2019

  • Saturday, 27 April, 11am
  • Saturday, 18 May, 10am
  • Wednesday, 19 June, 2.45pm (Honorary Degrees only) 

General Admission 2019

BTh, BA, VetMB and BA with MEng or MMath or MSci degrees only.

  • Wednesday, 26 June, 10am
  • Thursday, 27 June, 10am
  • Friday, 28 June, 10am
  • Saturday, 29 June, 10am

Long Vacation 2019

  • Friday, 19 July, 10am
  • Saturday, 20 July, 10am

Dates of Congregations are also listed in the Reporter.