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Third Party Verifications

Note: The University of Cambridge will not respond to third party requests received for verifications, please follow the guidance below:

The University uses the Digitary CORE online verification service for all academic verifications. This web-based service enables:

  • the University to securely issue academic awards and other official documents online;
  • students (past and present) to access academic awards and other official documents online via a secure web portal in read-only form;
  • students to share the documents with third parties online in a controlled audited manner;
  • third parties to receive verified information in a secure, single system;
  • the University to be compliant with GDPR legislation by not releasing personal information without consent.

If you are seeking information on a student's current and/or completed educational attainments then you need to ask them to request their verification document via their student or alumni University account. Once the document has been requested it will be available to the student within 5 working days at which point they will be able to share this securely via Digitary CORE. Further information is available on the Digitary CORE website.


Requesting a Verification Document (for Students and Alumni)

The digital Academic Verification Document can be requested in CamSIS self-service via the Academic tile (alumni can access via Extended Self-Service). Once you have requested your document it should be available within five working days.  This can be used to validate your attendance and academic award.

 The content of the document cannot be modified as it represents an accurate record of your course(s) at the University of Cambridge. If you believe your document contains errors please check your personal details and course registration in CamSIS. If you need help doing this or would like further information, please contact:

Your College or Department may be able to prepare other bespoke letters which include information not contained on the Academic Verification Document.  Please contact your departmental or College administrator for information.


GCSE, A-Level, and Overseas Examinations

The Student Registry has no connection with examinations at GCSE or A-Level, and overseas examinations. These are administered by Cambridge Assessment (previously known as the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate). For information on these topics (including past exam results) please visit the Cambridge Assessment website .