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Academic Transcripts

Before making a purchase, check your unofficial transcript to see if marks are available for your course by logging on to CamSIS Extended Self-Service.

Please be advised that Tripos (undergraduate) paper marks have only been collected for transcripts since 2003, and there are gaps in some subjects. If your transcript does not contain the individual paper marks it will still contain the paper titles and the overall class obtained for each Part.

Marks for other examinations, where available, have been attached to records after this date. For example, marks for MPhil exams have only been collected since 2006.


Ordering Transcripts

Paper copies of academic transcripts

Please allow up to 28 working days for dispatch.

Paper transcripts are priced at £25 for the first copy, then £10 for each additional copy within the same order. They are identical to the online transcript and are available to order as follows;

DHL Delivery Service

There is also an option for a DHL delivery service at an additional cost of £15.00 per address. This service is strongly recommended to ensure safe delivery. The University does not accept responsibility for items lost in transit.

This is available to purchase on the Online Store as a separate item which you can add to your basket. Where multiple deliveries are required, the £15.00 is payable for each different address.


Digital Copies of Academic Transcripts

The University of Cambridge now issues official University transcripts online through a secure electronic document system called Digitary.

Digitary enables students to access their documents online and allows recruiters and others to verify the authenticity of electronic documents via a secure website hosted at the University of Cambridge. It uses highly advanced technologies and is much more secure than traditional paper verification methods.

Documents are digitally signed to make them legally valid and tamper-evident, allowing for quicker and more efficient verification of genuine documents.

There is a one-off charge of £25 for lifetime access to and unlimited use of Digitary.

Current students can access Digitary by logging into CamSIS Self-Service and clicking on ‘Transcripts’ on the main page.

Former students can register to use an Extended version of Self-Service (ESS). After you have registered you can log in and access Digitary by clicking on ‘Transcripts’ on the main page.

Please note, Extended Self-Service and Digitary are only available to students who matriculated in 1980 or later; if you matriculated before this time you will not be able to register for Extended Self Service or access a digital transcript. Please purchase a paper copy instead.


Frequently Asked Questions

I completed more than one course at the University, do I need to purchase multiple transcripts?

No, your transcript contains your entire academic record with the University. Therefore if you have completed multiple courses they will be listed in chronological order on your transcript.

Can I add/change/remove information from my transcript?

No, your transcript is produced automatically by pulling all of the relevant information from your student record and formatting it accordingly. Therefore there is no way to change or amend it. However you may be able to have your department or your College provide you with an unofficial supplementary transcript if you require extra information. Please contact your departmental  or College administrator for information.

I need to have an additional document sent with my transcript for admission to another university.

Please place your order online first. Then send an email to, quoting your order reference number and attaching the document to your email. The Student Registry will then advise you whether the additional document can be sent with the transcipt. Please include any further instructions in your email.

What if I forgot/don’t know my CRSid or USN?

You will need to contact the Student Registry, giving your full name, date of birth, College and matriculation term, by emailing to confirm your details.

What is my matriculation term?

This is your registration term – the term you first started as a student at the University.

How can I subscribe to Digitary?

Access is via CamSIS Self-Service for current students or students who left in the summer of 2013 or later.  Students who left earlier than summer 2013 can access Digitary via a separate CamSIS Extended Self Service login.

I cannot view my transcript in Digitary. What should I do?

Before you try to sign in to Digitary, please make sure that your browser has popups enabled for website Please be aware that the Digitary service requires the use of Internet Explorer or Firefox. Google Chrome/Safari are not currently compatible.

How does the sharing of my transcript work in Digitary?

Document sharing works by generating a secure and unique URL to the Digitary site. You can control the level of access associated with the URL and you can choose how the URL is delivered to the person you wish to share your document with. Further information on how to use Digitary is available, including a Help Guide with screen shots.

If you have any further queries please contact:

Student Registry, University of Cambridge, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RZ.

Tel: +44 (0)1223 766302