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Academic Transcripts

The University of Cambridge now issues official University transcripts online through a secure electronic document system called Digitary CORE. This allows for a faster and more effective way to view and share your transcript. Access to your documents can take up to 5 workings days from request, you will receive email confirmation once these are ready.

For Graduands who matriculated on or after Michaelmas Term 1980 we strongly advise that before ordering an official transcript that you check your unofficial transcript to ensure the content matches your requirements. Your unofficial transcript is available prior to purchasing any official copy via Student self-service or ESS.

Current Students

Please log into CamSIS Self-Service and click on the Academic Tile to access transcript services.  Once you have access to your documents in Digitary CORE we strongly advise that you link your account to a personal email address in addition to your @cam address.

Former Students

Please log into CamSIS Extended Self-Service and click on the Academic tile. If you have not already registered please follow the onscreen instructions on the log in page.

Please note, Extended Self-Service is only available to students who matriculated in 1980 or later; if you matriculated before this time you will not be able to register for Extended Self Service or access a digital transcript. Please purchase a paper copy instead.

The Transcript

The content of the transcript cannot be modified as it represents an accurate record of your course(s) at the University of Cambridge. If you believe your document contains errors please check your personal details and course registration in CamSIS. If you need help doing this or would like further information, please contact:

If the transcript does not match your requirements, please contact your College or Department who may be able to provide further course statements. Please be advised that Tripos (undergraduate) paper marks have only been collected for transcripts since 2003, and there are gaps in some subjects. If your transcript does not contain the individual paper marks it will still contain the paper titles and the overall class obtained for each Part. Marks for other examinations, where available, have been attached to records after this date. For example, marks for MPhil exams have only been collected since 2006.

There is a one-off charge of £25 for lifetime access and unlimited use of Digitary.

This service also allows you to access your academic verification document which you can then share directly and securely with a third party. More infomation is available here.

We are unable to provide bespoke transcripts and verifications, students should approach their College or Department if they require such documentation.

The University no longer provides academic verifications to third parties - organisations must contact students directly.

Paper Transcripts

These can be requested via the University online store; priced at £25 for the first copy, then £10 for each additional copy within the same order. They are identical to the online transcript and are available to order online;

The online store offers an optional DHL delivery service at an additional cost of £15.00 per address for overseas delivery only. This service is strongly recommended to ensure safe delivery. The University does not accept responsibility for items lost in transit. Where multiple deliveries are required, the £15.00 is payable for each different address.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an existing Digitary account (prior to May 2018) linked to an @cam email address which I no longer have access to. How do I regain access?

Please email with your full name, date of birth, College and the email address with which you wish to register.

I am having problems accessing Digitary; are there any issues with browsers?

We recommend using the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Safari, plus Android and iOS for mobile browsers.

I completed more than one course at the University, do I need to purchase multiple transcripts?

No, your transcript contains your entire academic record with the University. Therefore if you have completed multiple courses they will be listed in chronological order on your transcript.

Can I add/change/remove information from my transcript?

No, your transcript is produced automatically by pulling all of the relevant information from your student record and formatting it accordingly. Therefore there is no way to change or amend it. However you may be able to have your department or your College provide you with an unofficial supplementary transcript if you require extra information. Please contact your departmental or College administrator for information.

What if I forgot/don’t know my CRSid or USN?

You will need to contact the Student Registry, giving your full name, date of birth, College and matriculation term, by emailing to confirm your details.

What is my matriculation term?

This is your registration term, the term you first started as a student at the University.

I have received the notification email to advise that my document is ready but when I log in to Digitary CORE there are no documents available. What should I do?

Check that you have registered/signed into Digitary using the same email address that the notification email was sent to.  If the documents are still not available to view clear your browser cache and sign back in to Digitary CORE.

I have registered with Digitary CORE, how do I request my documents?

You have inadvertantly subscribed to Digitary CORE before requesting your documents via student self-service or ESS.  Further guidance on how to subscribe/order is shown above.

How does the sharing of my transcript work in Digitary?

Document sharing works by generating a secure and unique URL to the Digitary site. You can control the level of access associated with the URL and you can choose how the URL is delivered to the person you wish to share your document with. Further FAQs on how to use Digitary are available on the Digitary core website

If you have any further queries please email: