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Cambridge University offers many funding opportunities internally and attracts significant resources from external sources. These pages are intended to help you begin your search for funding.

Internal funding searches

The best collated source of internal funding opportunities for Cambridge students is the Student Funding Search

Before applying for scholarships, read the eligibility criteria thoroughly and make sure you submit your application by the correct deadline. It is important to note that most fully funded opportunities at Cambridge are only available to students about to start a new course. Once you are registered as a student, there are few full scholarships available.

Undergraduate students

Please see the Financial Support pages on the Undergraduate Study website

Postgraduate students

There are many funding opportunities at Cambridge for prospective postgraduate students, from a wide variety of sources including the Cambridge Trust, Gates Cambridge, Colleges, Departments, Research Councils and central University funds. Information can be found on the pages below:

Please note that postgraduate Students are expected to have their finances in place before they start their course, and will have provided a financial undertaking to confirm this. Therefore most funding opportunities at Cambridge are only available to applicants who are about to start a new course. However, small part-cost bursaries may be available to current postgraduate students from colleges and departments for fieldwork, hardship and conferences etc...

External funding

Many hundreds of charities make awards to current and prospective postgraduate students.  However, they can be hard to find and may require a specific and specialized approach.

A useful source of information for exploring funding opportunities from charities and voluntary organisations is the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding. This is an external resource published independently by Gradfunding.  This award winning guide is written by two UK based PhD students who, between them, won over £50,000 from 50 different charity awards.  It provides a database of alternative funding opportunities from charities and trusts and gives advice about how to apply to them, including, model personal and financial statements.  The University has subscribed to the Guide, which can be accessed free of charge.

Current Cambridge staff and students - use your University email address to register online

Applicants who do not yet have a University email account - email to receive a pin which will enable you to access the Guide.

ELCAS - Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services is the MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme which promotes lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. Funding is available to both current members and those that have left the Armed Forces.

Please review the ELCAS website for accredited courses; new courses are not being added for the time being.