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The MPhil and MRes degree may be examined by thesis only or by a combination of dissertation, exams, coursework, projects, reports, seminars and essays. Students on taught courses should consult their Department's guidance on submission and presentation requirements.

Information for students on research Masters by thesis courses can be found below.

When do I need to submit my thesis for examination?

You will have a date and time by which your thesis must be submitted - please contact your Department or Degree Committee if you do not know what your deadline is. 

How do I present my thesis?

You must submit an electronic copy of your thesis for examination, and any required accompanying documents, to your Degree Committee by your submission deadline. Your Degree Committee should provide you with guidance for electronic submission; please contact them directly if you require any assistance. You are required to submit your thesis by your deadline even if the date falls over a weekend or holiday period.

The thesis you submit to your Degree Committee will be the thesis submitted for examination. It is not possible to 'retract submission' or to send a revised copy directly to your examiners. Therefore you should carefully check the files you upload when submitting your thesis.

Postgraduate students must keep a minimum number of terms of research and terms of residence before they can submit their thesis. If you attempt to submit your thesis too early it will not be accepted.

What is required?

Your thesis must be a connected account of work, and must comply with the General and Special Regulations for the particular MPhil programme. Information about word limits and other requirements for the MPhil can be found in the General and Special Regulations for each degree, listed under the specific MPhil programme: Statutes and Ordinances: Chapter VII: Degrees, Diplomas, and other Qualifications

Word limits and stylistic requirements are strictly observed by the Postgraduate Committee and by Degree Committees and, unless approval to exceed the prescribed limit has been obtained beforehand, a thesis that exceeds the limit may not be examined until its length complies with the prescribed limit. Information on how to apply for an extension to the word-limit (via self-service account) is available on the ‘Applying for a change in your student status’ page. You are advised to contact your Degree Committee prior to submitting an application. 

Inclusion of additional materials

Students must seek permission through their CamSIS Self Service page if they wish to submit additional materials for examination alongside their thesis. Additional materials are integral to the thesis but in a format that cannot be easily included in the main body of the thesis (for example, 3D graphics). You should refer to the 'Policy on the inclusion of additional materials with a thesis' before making an application to include additional materials. This process should be initiated prior to the thesis submission. If a thesis is submitted with additional materials and without permission to include them, it will be held by the Degree Committee until approval is confirmed.

What format does my thesis have to be in?

The thesis must:

  • be written in English, apart from quotations and recognised technical formulae
  • be in A4 portrait format
  • use one-and-a-half spaced type
  • include any photographs or other illustrations scanned into the text
  • be saved in the electronic format and naming style specified by your Degree Committee

Examiners are not expected to edit work. They will deal with errors of fact and typographical errors that affect the meaning of your work, as well as larger structural issues. The extent to which the text has or has not been properly prepared may influcence their recommendation concerning award of the degree.You are therefore advised to check your thesis thoroughly prior to submission to ensure clear, formal English has been used throughout and that there are minimal typing and/or spelling mistakes.

What is needed to submit?

You must include the following inside your thesis:

  1. A title page displaying:
    • the full title of the thesis
    • your full name (as it appears on your passport)
    • your College
    • the date of your submission (month and year, optional)
    • and a Declaration stating: This thesis is submitted for the degree of Master of Philosophy.

  2. A declaration page in the Preface stating:
    • This thesis is the result of my own work and includes nothing which is the outcome of work done in collaboration except where specifically indicated in the text.
    • Where appropriate, a Statement of Length stating that the thesis does not exceed the prescribed word limit for the [insert relevant] Degree Committee.

3. [if applicable] the list of additional materials that were approved for submission alongside the thesis

Your Degree Committee will advise if any additional documents, such as a declaration form, are required.

Research Impact Statement: If pandemic, war/conflict, or natural disaster have significantly impacted on your research, you are invited to submit a Research Impact Statement with your thesis using the template provided. The purpose of the statement is for you to describe any restrictions or difficulties experienced in undertaking your research as a result of pandemic, war/conflict, or natural disaster, and to provide details of any alternative arrangements made to complete the work for your thesis. Further details for students and supervisors can be found in the Research Impact Statement guidance and the Research Impact Statement form can be downloaded here.


I have submitted my thesis for examination to the Degree Committee, what happens next?

When you submit your thesis the Degree Committee will check it is complete, acknowledge receipt, and then forward your thesis on to your examiners. If you have not received confirmation of the date of your oral examination within six weeks of submitting your thesis, contact your Degree Committee. Any questions with regard to your thesis at this stage should be directed to the Degree Committee.

Your Examiners should not ask you for a printed copy of your thesis or other material in advance of your oral examination.

When will I find out my examination result?

You will be notified of your result after your Degree Committee has met and considered the examination reports. Your Degree Committee will be able to provide you with their meeting dates. Please note that you will not be able to receive your degree certificate until you have had your degree conferred (awarded) at a degree ceremony/congregation, either in person or in absence.