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Cambridge students



As a precaution against theft, all junior members of the University who have bicycles in Cambridge are required to have them marked with a number. Numbers are issued by the Colleges and should be clearly displayed, preferably on the rear mudguard.

It is not advisable to leave a bicycle unlocked, and it is recommend that you take a note of the frame number. If your bicycle is stolen you are advised to report the loss to the Police Station without delay. It is, of course illegal and dangerous to ride a bicycle after dark without lights, to cycle on pedestrian pavements, and to ignore traffic lights.


Under the Bye-Laws of the Conservators of the River Cam, all pleasure boats of whatever kind on the river must be registered at the Control Office of the Conservators (Baits Bite, Lock House, Fen Road, Milton, CB24 6AF; tel: 01223 863785), and each registered boat must carry a numbered label, which will be supplied by the Control Office. See the Cam Conservators website for further information.