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One of the most important elements to consider whilst studying is your personal wellbeing and the support available around you. This video will explore a range of practices you can try to help maintain a positive mental and physical wellbeing throughout the year, and in turn make your time at the University more enjoyable.

NB: this video has been withdrawn to carry out updates; you can find the transcript and links to further support below for reference


Click to download 'Wellbeing' Transcript

Further Support

University Support

Student Support - Student Support University site

University Counselling Service | Student Counselling - Counselling services and contact information

Student Advice Service - Student Union Advice Service

Personal Support


Nightline Association


Societies Directory - Student Union directory of societies

Creating an effective workspace

Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Desk | WSJ - YouTube


Headspace - Meditation and Mindfulness

Calm - Mindfulness and Sleep

Google Keep - Notes and To Do Lists

Microsoft OneNote - Notes and To Do Lists

Trello - Kanban board for organisation and management - Documents, note taking and organisation

Evernote - Note taking and organisation

Todoist - Organisation and to do lists