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Medical Students


Medical Students from England and Wales 

Clinical medical students who receive a NHS Bursary (normally students in their fifth and sixth years) must request means-testing to be undertaken by their Student Finance agency or regional equivalent in order to be considered for a Cambridge Bursary. The bursary will be based on the level of household income only (ie no deduction will be made for NHS Bursary).

In order to request this you must submit (preferably all together as this will help it being processed correctly at SLC):


  1. a PN1 to renew your student finance application - for 2023 entry.
  2. a Non-Means Tested to Means Tested form - for 2023 entry.
  3. this cover letter explaining that you wish to be means tested for bursary purposes and,
  4. if you are a dependent student, a PFF2 form - for 2023 entry.


Medical Students from Scotland

Scottish medical students do not receive a NHS bursary and so continue to be assessed in the normal way through SAAS throughout their course.  You should reapply for your funding each year through SAAS as per their guidance.


Medical Students from Northern Ireland

Northern Irish students receiving NHS bursaries must contact their College in order for arrangements to be made for your financial information to be obtained from your Education Authority.  We cannot obtain your information automatically so we cannot award your bursary unless the information is requested from your regional Education Authority.


EU Medical Students

EU Medics completing their clinical years should follow the process for continuing EU students, renewing their application for a tuition fee loan with Student Finance England each year.


Cambridge Graduate Course In Medicine

Students on the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine are now eligible for the Cambridge Bursary in every year of their course (despite this not being their first degree).  The same eligibility criteria apply to these students as to undergraduates undertaking their first degree.

If you're getting any means tested assistance from SLC (i.e. if you have undergone a household income assessment with SLC rather than the NHS) then you'll automatically be assessed for a Cambridge Bursary.

When you're in your clinical years you should follow the instructions above for Clinical Medical students.


Affiliated Students

Students studying Medicine or Veterinary Medicine through the affiliated route are also now eligible for the Cambridge Bursary, in all years of their course on the same basis as Medics and Vets on the standard course.  This means that for affiliated students, as with all other students, the level of bursary is based on either their own income or their parents' income depending on whether or not they are deemed to be independent by their regional funding body.

When you're in your clinical years you should follow the instructions above for Clinical Medical students.