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If you are graduating in person you may invite guests to attend the ceremony. The Senate-House has limited capacity so admittance is by ticket only. These are issued by your college free of charge and you should contact them directly for your allocation.

If you are going forward for an MA and do not have a college, you will receive your guest tickets direct from the Student Registry.

Members of the University

Members of the Senate may attend graduation ceremonies without tickets, but only if space is available on the day. This concession does not apply to the Honorary Degree Congregation.

All members of the University must wear their gowns at ceremonies in the Senate-House. Only Cambridge academical dress is worn, unless it is a Scarlet Day. Caps are optional and are only worn inside the House by officers taking part in the ceremony. At most congregations only graduands and official participants are required to wear hoods.

Arrangements on the day

As Cambridge is a collegiate university, graduands are presented alongside other members of their college rather than members of their faculty or department. Individual sessions are usually 30-45 minutes in length, although they can run up to an hour during General Admissions. Guests are asked to remain seated until the end of the session that they are admitted to.

Guests are also reminded that photography is not permitted inside the Senate-House and that mobile phones and pagers must be switched off or muted.

There will be 26 University Constables in attendance to support both guests and graduands inside the Senate-House and Senate-House Yard.  The Constables are easily identifiable by their top hats and tailcoats and will be happy to help.  If guests need assistance at any time they should approach the nearest Constable.  Members of the Red Cross will provide first aid should the need arise.

Disabled Access

Those using wheelchairs can access the Senate-House via the East Door where there is a ramp. It is not necessary for guests using wheelchairs to arrive especially early, however those keen to be seated near other guests should arrive in good time. At General Admission (June) this reserved area only allows for one carer guest with each wheelchair user, this is due to very limited space at these busy ceremonies.  Other guests must join their respective queue depending on their ticket rule (Floor or Gallery as applicable).


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