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Changing Your Department

You may apply to change your department and/or faculty in certain circumstances. Before you apply, you should discuss the proposed change with your supervisor, department and College Tutor.

Applying for a change of department involves completing paper forms which must be signed by the following parties:

Current supervisor
Head of current department
Degree Committee for current department
Your sponsor or funding body (if applicable)
Proposed new supervisor
Head of proposed new department
Degree Committee for proposed new department (if applicable).

How to apply
To access the application forms, you will need to initiate an application via your CamSIS self-service.

On your CamSIS homepage, click the Academic tile.
Select Change my student status from the menu on the left.
Select the Changing your Department or Faculty application form.

Follow the guidance on the application form. Once you have submitted the initial form, a PDF version of the full application form will be sent to your preferred email address (this will be your email address unless you have updated your contact details). You will need to specifiy the term from which you want the change to take effect and explain the reasons for the change. If the change will involve a change of supervisor, you should include the name of the new supervisor in your statement. You will need to print two copies of the form (one for your current department and one for your proposed new department) and arrange for them to be completed.  Once the forms have been completed and signed by the parties mentioned above, they should be submitted to the Student Registry by email to

If your proposed transfer will bring about an increase in the university composition fee, you will need to provide the Student Registry with confirmation that you have the required funding for this amount. See Course Costs and Fee Status for information about fees.  If you are not self-funded you will need to provide Student Registry with evidence that yoru sponsor or funder approve the change in department and will provide funds to cover any additional costs incurred.

Students studying on a Tier 4 visa

If you are studying on a Tier 4 visa, a change of department may result in visa implications. You should contact the International Student Office to discuss your plans prior to making an application to change your department:

Students who require ATAS (Academic Approval Technology Scheme) clearance

If you are a non-EEA national studying in the UK on any time-limited visa and your course in your new department requires ATAS clearance, you may need to apply for a new ATAS certificate. Since you may need to have obtained the ATAS clearance certificate prior to the change in department application being approved and before starting in your new department, you should apply for clearance alongside making the application to change your course registration.

Contact the International Student Office who can help you start this process and answer any questions regarding ATAS clearance:

For further information please contact the Student Registry at