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The Cambridge Bursary Scheme has been extended for undergraduate students starting their course in 2021.  Non-repayable bursaries of up to £3,500 will be available to students with Home Fees status starting in 2021 onwards with residual* household incomes of up to £62,215. All new undergraduates in 2021 will be eligible for the new bursary scheme, regardless of year of application.  There are no changes to the application process or eligibility criteria.

Education Premium

Students in receipt of a Cambridge Bursary who also have been eligible for free school meals (funded by their local authority) will receive the Educational Premium which is an additional non-repayable bursary of £1000 per year.  Students will need to send a letter from their school or college confirming this to their Cambridge college once they have confirmed their place.

Value of Award

The value of each Cambridge Bursary award will be based on the student’s residual* household income, as defined and assessed by their regional funding body (SFE, SFWE, SFNI or SAAS):

Awards are adjusted for individual residual income levels, but indicative awards are:


























*residual household income is the earnings before tax of any parents (or step-parents) with whom the student is resident, minus their pension contributions and a deduction for any other of their children who are in higher education.  For further details on household income calculations, please refer to the student’s regional funding body, and especially any paperwork provided to the student about their individual assessment.

Enhanced Award

Students who are classed as independent by their regional funding body are eligible for an extra 60% on top of their award (taking the maximum up to £5,600 for independent students, or £6,600 including the Educational Premium for those who were eligible for free school meals).  Independent level awards are still income assessed and based on your household income as assessed by your regional funding body.

Continuing Students

Any student starting prior to academic year 2021 will remain on the same terms that applied when they started; the award values and income thresholds set out above apply only to new entrants with Home Fees status in 2021.

All other terms and conditions of the Cambridge Bursary Scheme remain unchanged.