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Degree Certificates and Transcripts


** Updated October 2021 – We are still unable to resume our full print services and will not be able to process any requests for paper copies of transcripts or degree certificates until further notice.  However, all paper copies of certificates for those that graduated between March 2020 and November 2021 have now been sent to colleges for distribution.  Transcripts for all those that graduated prior to November 2021 have also been sent to colleges for distribution.  Transcripts for ceremonies after November 2021 will be sent as soon as possible and it is estimated that this will be January 2022.**

 If you wish to have access to your official transcript electronically and share it on-line with other organisations for job applications and other education institutes you can access this via Digitary - further information is available here; 

Degree certificates are now available online for those that have graduated since March 2020.  Online certificates are not available to anyone who graduated prior to March 2020. The certificates are available within 10 working days of the date of the ceremony you were awarded your degree at (either in person or in absence).  All those who graduated between March 2020 and September 2021 should have received an email advising how to access their certificate.  If you have not received an email  please email


It is not possible to obtain a degree certificate from the Univeristy of Cambridge unless a degree has been conferred (awarded) either in person or in absence at a degree ceremony.

All students are issued with one free paper copy of their degree certificate upon graduation.  This will be either at the ceremony if you attend in person or posted to you via your college as soon as possible after the graduation ceremony date.

One free paper copy of your academic transcript will also normally be posted to you within four weeks following congregation.