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Removal from the Register

In certain circumstances, a student can be removed from the Register of Graduate Students. This most commonly happens when a student has overrun their ‘maximum registration date’ – often referred to as their submission deadline.

Regulation 10 of the General Regulations for Admission as a Graduate Student details the instances in which a student can be removed from the Register.

The effects of removal from the Register

If you are removed from the Register of Graduate Students, you will no longer be recorded as a student of the University of Cambridge. This will mean that you will no longer be entitled to supervision or the use of University resources, including your University email address.

Reinstatement for submission

If you are removed from the Register because you have overrun your submission deadline, you can apply for reinstatement to be examined once you have completed your thesis. You can find more information about this on the reinstatement to the register page.

International Students

If you are studying with a Tier 4 visa, the University is required to cease sponsorship for this visa with effect from the date of your removal from the Register. The International Student Office will confirm the implications of this by e-mail.

Please contact the International Student Office directly should you have any question about this:


If you have any questions about removal from the Register, please write to the Student Registry at