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Changing Your Mode of Study

From full-time tor Part-time or from Part-time to Full-time

Submitting your application

You can apply to change your mode of study via your CamSIS self-service. Information on how to do this is available on the ‘Applying for a change in your student status’ page.

In your application, you will need to explain why you want to change your mode of study and confirm the date you would like the change to take effect.

Your application will be considered by your supervisor, department, College and Degree Committee before arriving at the Student Registry for the final decision.

As part of the consideration process, your department will need to interview you to discuss the change. The interviewing panel will include at least one person who is not your supervisor.

Each party considering your application must be satisfied that the change makes good sense in the context of your progress towards the degree, that you and your supervisor will be able to manage the change in workload, and that your funding is secure for the whole course.

Criteria for changing mode of study

  • You will not be able to change your mode of study once you have completed your required terms of study (for example, the required number of terms of study for the full-time PhD is nine)
  • You will not be able to change your mode of study more than once in each direction unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • It is not possible to transfer to part-time study for financial reasons. All approval parties must agree that part-time study is desirable for educational reasons
  • If you wish to change to part-time study because you are entering employment, you must ask your employer to write to your department stating that you will be granted time off as necessary to fulfil the attendance requirements laid down by the department for the remainder of your period of study. This confirmation should be attached to your online application.

It is important to note that some departments and Colleges do not offer membership to part-time students.

Colleges are under no obligation to provide accommodation for part-time students

If your College does not currently take part time research students and is not interested in doing so then you will have to be accepted by a different College before you can proceed with a change of mode of study. It is your responsibility to arrange to change your College membership, and you should discuss this directly with your College.

Confirmation of Funding

When applying to change your mode of study, you will need to demonstrate that you have funding for the duration of your programme. To do this, you will need to complete a Financial Undertaking Form, which will be filled in with the necessary figures and sent to you by the Student Registry later in the application process. If you are funded by a funding body or other party, you will need to include evidence of their commitment to fund you for the remainder of your course when returning the completed Financial Undertaking Form.

Information for students studying on a Tier 4 sponsored visa

If you are currently studying at Cambridge on a Tier 4 visa and would require continued sponsorship as a part-time student, please read through the relevant information about changing mode of study on the International Students webpages prior to submitting an application.

If you are currently studying at Cambridge on a non-Tier 4 visa, contact the International Student Office to check whether this change will have any implications from an immigration perspective prior to submitting the application.

You can contact the International Student Office at


If you have any questions about changing your mode of study, please write to the Student Registry at