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Prior to an examination, students are required to ensure that the following issues are observed or relevant paperwork submitted where required.


Applying for Appointment of Examiners

When should I apply for the appointment of Examiners?

You should apply for the appointment of Examiners at least two months in advance of submitting your thesis. Contact your Degree Committee for information on how to do this.

If you expect to leave the UK soon after submission you will need to return to the UK to attend the oral examination (viva). You should state on the application form for the appointment of Examiners the proposed date of your departure, allowing at least eight weeks between the date of the submission and the proposed date of departure.

The Degree Committee will do its best to arrange an oral examination as quickly as possible. A delay may result if there is any difficulty in finding an Examiner. Longer delays may be experienced during vacation periods.


Approval of Thesis Title

When do I need a precise title for my thesis?

The research subject is provisionally approved at the point of admission to the degree and confirmed more specifically when you are formally registered for a research degree.

When you apply for Examiners to be appointed, the Degree Committee may ask for a precise thesis title to be proposed. The supervisor may also be invited to indicate his or her support for this title which will need to be submitted to the Degree Committee for approval.