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Who can apply for a Higher Doctorate?

An application for a Higher Doctorate can be made by:

  • A graduate of the University of Cambridge (of not less than eight years standing from admission to his/her first degree);
  • A person who has been admitted:
    to some office in the University or to a Headship or a Fellowship of a College; and to the degree of Master of Arts under Statute B, III, 6; or to a degree of the University by incorporation;
    and is of not less than eight years standing from admission to his or her first degree of some other university

What evidence is needed?

In order to qualify for a Higher Doctorate, you will need to:

  1. Provide proof of distinction by some original contribution to the advancement of science or learning.
  2. Meet the eligibility criteria for the degree.

    In order to check if you do, please see the appropriate regulations below.


Please check the eligibility criteria very carefully. Please note that the term 'admission' to a degree means the date on which the degree was conferred on a candidate, not the date the candidate began the degree.

How do I submit my application?

1. Complete and sign both an application form and a declaration form - these can be emailed to the Student Registry, sent through the post, or delivered in person.

2. Submit your published works in support of your application by:

  • cite your publications by date using a full citation* - or
  • email pdf copies of the papers to the address below - or
  • send two hard copies of any papers/books to the address below

Hard copies of any books will need to be submitted - even if you are citing or sending pdf copies of any papers

* The Degree Committee for History requires all works to be submitted as hard copies

Please note that should a Referee ask for hard copies of papers you will need to undertake to supply these.

How do I contact the Student Registry?

Records and Exams, Student Registry, The Student Services Centre, New Museums Site, Cambridge CB2 3PT


When will the Student Registry contact me?

The Student Registry will acknowledge the receipt of the application and keep you up to date with its status. Please note that consideration of an application may take longer than a year.

Review and appeal: Note

Candidates should note that there is no procedure in University regulations for appeal or review of decisions in respect of applications for higher Doctors degrees; the decisions of the Board of Graduate Studies and of the Degree Committees concerned are final.