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Coronavirus/COVID-19 update

Please note that until further notice Student Registry will be closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak and will therefore not be in a position to receive hardbound submissions. Alternative arrangements have therefore been made as follows. Most students have their thesis bound by JS Wilson who will accept an electronic copy and will print and bind the thesis and let Student Registry know when this has been done so that we can process the approval for the award of your degree without delay. They will also store the theses until Student Registry reopens. Students who are not able to use JS Wilson to bind their thesis will need to request an extension, including in their request an explanation of why they are not able to use JS Wilson. Extension requests should be emailed to

Students should submit the electronic copy of their thesis in the usual way unless informed otherwise by Student Registry.

Submitting the hardbound and electronic (final) thesis (doctoral students)

Final approval for the PhD or EdD is conditional on you submitting a hardbound copy of your thesis for deposit in the University Library and uploading an electronic copy to the University repository Apollo. If you plan to graduate as soon as possible, please note that both hardbound and electronic copies of your thesis should be submitted at least ten calendar days before the graduation ceremony you wish to attend. 

It is important to ensure your mailing address, email address(es) and telephone numbers are updated over the 12 months following the submission of your thesis. We will primarily contact you by email. You can update your details via CamSIS Self Service

Hardbound thesis submission

What are the requirements for the hardbound submission?

The minimum requirements for the hardbound thesis are as follows:

Cover and spine:

  • hard bound (hand stitched and not stuck)

  • cover colour is up to you

  • your thesis title, your initials and surname reading down the spine

  • letter colour must be gold

Bound inside the thesis:

  1. the 'Deposit & Copying of Hardbound Thesis Declaration' form must be bound into your final hardbound thesis as the very first page. Do not include this form in the electronic version

  2.  title page, displaying: the full title of the thesis; your full name (as it appears on your passport); your college; the date of submission (month and year)*; and a declaration stating "This thesis is submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy/Doctor of Education/Master of Science/Master of Letters (as appropriate)."   *Please note - the date on the title page should be the same as on the softbound originally submitted for examination - this applies even if you were required to make corrections to your thesis. However, if your original viva outcome was to revise and resubmit you should put the month and year you submitted the revised thesis for examination.

  3. a typewritten declaration (this is different to the declaration form mentioned above), following the title page, stating (you can copy and paste the following text): 'This thesis is the result of my own work and includes nothing which is the outcome of work done in collaboration except as declared in the Preface and specified in the text. It is not substantially the same as any that I have submitted, or, is being concurrently submitted for a degree or diploma or other qualification at the University of Cambridge or any other University or similar institution except as declared in the Preface and specified in the text. I further state that no substantial part of my thesis has already been submitted, or, is being concurrently submitted for any such degree, diploma or other qualification at the University of Cambridge or any other University or similar institution except as declared in the Preface and specified in the text. It does not exceed the prescribed word limit for the relevant Degree Committee'.  The declaration does not need to be signed. For more information about word limits see the word limits for the respective Degree Committee.

  4. a copy of your Summary/Abstract with your name and thesis title on it. This must be bound inside the thesis following the typewritten declaration

Loose with the thesis (not bound in):

  • an additional loose copy of your Summary/Abstract (the same as the one you have bound in to your thesis)

Where can I have my thesis bound with hard covers?

There are a number of bookbinders available; two Cambridge Bookbinders are:

J S Wilson & Son 

You can place your order with the Cambridge SU who act as a collection and drop-off point for J S Wilson. Please also see guiance at the top of the page under 'Coronavirus'.

Brignell Bookbinders

You can send your loose copy of the Summary/Abstract via email to, or send a hard copy through the post to the address for the Student Registry as below.

Where do I submit my thesis?

Student Registry

Student Services Centre

New Museums Site



What if I am submitting from overseas?

The two Cambridge Bookbinders listed above accept an electronic copy of the thesis and will arrange for printing, binding and delivery to the Student Registry. Please note that this is only a service offered by the two bookbinders directly - the Cambridge SU do not offer this service.

How many copies of the hardbound thesis must I submit?

One copy is required for the University Library. However, the following Departments require a second copy, usually for their own library.  Submit both copies to the Student Registry:

  • Astronomy
  • Engineering
  • Earth Sciences
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Judge Business School
  • Veterinary Medicine

Is there any help with the cost of binding my thesis?

Applications for thesis binding costs will be considered by the Postgraduate Hardship Fund. Eligibility criteria and guidance on making an application is available on the Hardship Funding page. During the period while Student Registry is closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Postgraduate Hardship Fund will also consider covering the cost of JS Wilson storing and delivering the thesis.

Electronic thesis submission

In addition to submission of a hard bound thesis (please see above), you are required to upload an electronic version of your thesis to the University repository, Apollo. You can do this using the upload form at where you will also find further information. However, please see below if you decide that access to your thesis should be 'indefinitely restricted'. 

What are the requirements for the electronic submission?

  • Complete the thesis access confirmation form (see below for information about managing access).

  • Upload your thesis and thesis access form to Apollo. If you were granted permission to submit additional materials alongside your thesis for examination, these must also be uploaded to the University repository alongside the electronic version of your thesis.If you are unsure how to do this, please contact the Office of Scholarly Communication for further advice at Please note that memory sticks, CDs or other carriers are not accepted with your harbound thesis except in exceptional circumstances.

Managing access to your thesis (hardbound and electronic)

Before you upload the electronic copy of your thesis to the University’s repository, you will need to confirm the appropriate level of access to your thesis.  The level of access also applies to the version of your thesis deposited in the University library.  If your Degree Committee requires a second copy of the thesis to be retained in the department library, you need to ask the departmental librarian about managing access to your thesis.The following levels of access are available:





Guidance on the different access levels is available on the Office of Scholarly Communications webpages.  The access level chosen will apply to the hard bound version of your thesis, any digitisation of the hardbound version and the version submitted electronically. This includes any grant of restricted access by your Degree Committee.’

You should agree the appropriate level of access with your supervisor taking account of any terms and conditions of your funding or any other relevant contractual arrangements.  You and your supervisor should complete the access confirmation form and you should upload the completed form to the repository when you upload your thesis.  If you or your supervisor are unable to agree on the appropriate level of access you should refer the matter to the Degree Committee who will determine the appropriate level of access.  The Degree Committee will return to you a completed form for you to upload with your thesis.

If you decide that access to your thesis should be restricted, you will need to get Degree Committee approval for this.  You should submit your completed access confirmation form to the Degree Committee who will determine the appropriate level of access.  The Degree Committee will return to you a completed form for you to upload with your thesis.

If you decide that access to your thesis should be 'indefinitely restricted' you should complete the Deposit & Copying of Hardbound Declaration form and the access confirmation form, but you should not attach the thesis file.

Students who submitted the final version of their thesis before 1st October 2017

If you submitted the final version of your thesis before 1st October 2017 and wish to extend a period of restricted access that was previously agreed, you can apply for this using the Restricted Access Extension form. You can apply to extend the period of restricted access to your thesis by a maximum of two years with each application.

Your Supervisor and Degree Committee will need to sign the form to confirm their approval of the extension of the period of restricted access. Once the form is complete and signed by all parties, it should be submitted to the Student Registry by email to for final approval.