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Information for Graduates only

As a full time graduate student you are expected to be studying in Cambridge full time during the term (see Terms of Study for further details). If this is not the case, you must make an application, possibly to work away or intermit, whatever is most appropriate to you. Your College Graduate Tutor is available to advise you if you are not sure what is required.

As a registered student you are required to know the date you are expected to submit work and/or your dissertation. You must ensure you submit any work within the date you are registered. As a doctoral student you can check your registration and submission on your Self-Service pages. MPhil, MRes, CPGS or Diploma students can find submission information in the Submitting and Examination section.

CamSIS applications

In order to manage intermitting, extending the date you are registered as a student (to enable you to defer your submission date), working away from Cambridge, or any other application, you will need to apply for permission from the University. Applications are made from your Self-Service in CamSIS. Please note however, that unless there are exceptional circumstances, it is very difficult for the Board of Graduate Studies to consider retrospective applications.

You are in charge of tracking the administration of your application. To help with this, in response to feedback from students, for applications submitted after 15 March 2018 students will receive email notifications about the progress of their applications. The Board of Graduate Studies then communicates the final decision to you by email. If you are unclear about which application or course of action is most appropriate, please consult your College graduate tutor or Degree Committee.  Please remember to keep your college and sponsor informed when you make an application to undertake a particular course of action. You may also need to secure permission from your sponsor (especially the Research Councils), who will have provided you with information in their handbook.

If you need to cancel an application whilst it is being administered, you will need to log onto your Self-Service pages to request this. If your application has already been approved, you will need to email

If you are currently, or have previously been, registered as a graduate student at Cambridge on a PhD, MPhil, MRes, MSt, MASt, LLM, Graduate Diploma or a Certificate in Advanced Study in Mathematics (Part III Maths) and wish to continue to another graduate qualification, you will need to apply to continue/be readmitted as a graduate student.  More information is available at the Continuation and Readmission pages of the Graduate Admissions website.

Further information:


Personal Information

Changing Your Student Status

There are a number of reasons your status may change during your time in Cambridge, from applying for intermission from your course, leave to work away to conduct research outside the University, changing your mode of study or applying to be removed/returned to the register of graduate students.  

For more information on your status, and how you can change it, see our pages on Your Student Status covering the following: 


When it comes to your examination, there are several requests you can make through your Self-Service, such as:

Confirmation of Your Status


For further information about any item above, please contact the Graduate Students Team (