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Income Levels

SAAS only offer funding up to a level of £34,000 so do not routinely pass on information to us if your income is over that level.  We are working on a solution to this issue.  In the mean time, please email the Cambridge Bursary Administrator so that we can monitor how many students this affects and try to resolve individual cases where possible.


Pension Contributions

Because of the different way SAAS and Student Finance England (plus Student Finance Wales and the Education Authority Northern Ireland) calculate your household income figure, it is possible that Scottish students may initially be awarded a slightly lower bursary.

We want to compensate any student who has been affected by this and award any funds on which you may have initially missed out.

SFE deduct parents' or sponsors' pension contributions from their take-home pay amount to calculate the 'Household Income' figure.  SAAS do not make this deduction so a students whose parents earn the same amount and pay an equal level of pension contributions would be calculated as having a higher household income figure if they apply through SAAS than they would if they apply through SFE.  Scottish student's bursaries might therefore be slightly lower than the students from the rest of the UK.

As this is beyond the control of the University of Cambridge we need to award any lost bursary separately.

Click here if you're a current student and you think you may be affected and wish to be assessed for potential lost bursary.


Scottish Care Leavers

If you are a care experienced student from Scotland you need to contact either your college or the Cambridge Bursary as soon as possible to alert us to this.  Scottish care leavers are not currently flagged to us through SAAS's system so we have no way of identifying you until  you get in touch.  We are working with SAAS and SLC to provide a solution to this but currently we need you to contact us so that we can arrange your bursary.  You will not need to do a separate application but we need to arrange payment of your bursary through your college.