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You are still eligible for a Cambridge Bursary, even if you're not taking out a loan with Student Finance England/Wales/NI or SAAS.

We understand that some students may not wish to take out a student loan either because they have been awarded a scholarship, wish to avoid debt or have saved up to fund their studies.

Even if you're not taking out a loan, the bursary you're entitled to will still be based on your household income.  You will therefore still need to have your household income assessed by Student Finance England/Wales/NI or SAAS by applying for a loan.  After you've applied for the loan and had your household income assessed you can request a loan amount of £0, therefore not taking out the loan to which you have been assessed as entitled.

You must not cancel your loan application but rather apply for a loan amount of £0.  If you cancel your loan application we can't pay your Cambridge Bursary as we pay your bursary to you through Student Finance England and if you cancel your application we won't be able to do that.

As this applies to so few of our students, the vast majority of whom do need to take out a government student loan, you should speak to your funding body (Student Finance England/Wales/NI or SAAS) directly and ask them for advice, telling them that you don't want to take out a loan but do need to have your household income assessed for bursary purposes.