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Cambridge University offers many funding opportunities internally and attracts significant resources from external sources. These pages are intended to help you begin your search for funding for your course.

Before applying for scholarships, read the eligibility criteria thoroughly and make sure you submit your application by the correct deadline. It is important to note that most fully funded opportunities at Cambridge are only available to students about to start a new course. Once you are registered as a student, there are few full scholarships available.

Note that scholarships offered by the collegiate University will not require you to undertake teaching/research work unless this is explicitly stated.

Funding Competition Timetable for 2015-16 Graduate Entry

Useful Statistics

About 48% of our UK PhD students receive funding from a UK Research Council.
About 22% of our Overseas students receive funding from the Cambridge Trusts.
About 63% of our Overseas MPhil and Research students are self-funded.
About 67% of our UK/Other EU MPhil students are self-funded.

(source of information: source of fees report 2012)

Note to University and College staff

We encourage all fund administrators to advertise funding opportunities for graduate students in CamFunds, the online directory of funding administered by the University of Cambridge. See our staff-facing pages on Cambridge Funding Search - Information for Award Editors for instructions.


For more information about any of the items above, contact Graduate Funding (