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Students are contacted approximately six months after graduation to be asked to fill in the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education Survey for information on the work or training that individuals expect to be undertaking at a given census date. The Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) requires each University to collect this information on destinations so that national statistics can be compiled. More generally, the information collated by the Careers Service on recent graduates helps build up a picture of the initial careers of Cambridge Graduates, and enables Careers Advisors to give up-to-date advice to current students. It also forms part of the feedback from which you may have benefited when using Stuart House.

About six months after graduation, you will be contacted using the details you supplied under the "First Destination" address type through your CamSIS self-service. If this information is not supplied or is proven to no longer be valid you will be contacted using alternative addresses that may be held on CamSIS or provided by your College. Your contact details are not given to HESA. Your contact information will be used only for the purposes described. For more information please refer to the HESA website (choose the collection date for your year of graduation).

Former students might also be included in a sample of leavers who are surveyed again a few years after they graduate. If so, the University will pass alumni contact details (as held by the University Development Office, your College or on CamSIS) to the organisation that has been contracted to carry out that survey. That organisation will use your details only for that purpose, and will then delete them. If you did not want to take part in this second survey, then please contact the Student Registry (