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Information about what to expect and what you need to do after your exam.

Examination Allowances

It is very important that any examination candidate who, for illness or grave cause,

  1. finds that his or her preparation for the examination was seriously hindered
  2. withdraws from the examination or is absent from part of the examination

informs his or her Tutor of the fact and of the full circumstances whatever the cause, at the earliest possible moment.

It may be possible for a case for an examination allowance to be made to the Examination Access and Mitigation Committee. Details on the types of allowance possible, as well as the evidence requires to support an application, can be found online here.


Examination Review Procedure

If you believe that an error occurred during the examination process that has affected your examination results, you can submit an Examiantion Review form within 28 days of your Examination Results being published on your student record. You can find more information about the Examination Review Procedure here:

Class Lists (Withholding Names)

Students can now opt-out of publication of examination results at the Senate-House and in the Reporter. Further information is available here.

Exam Results

The Class List Publication Dates-shows the expected publication dates for each subject. Your results also appear in your CamSIS self-service page and are posted on the Senate House noticeboard {located outside the Senate House} on the day of publication.

Your complete breakdown will be available on CamSIS around mid-July and you will receive further feedback from your DoS. After you graduate, your College will receive an official transcript of your academic achievement for forwarding onto you.