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Cambridge students


Due to assessment alterations in the academic year 2020-21, candidates may have undertaken alternative assessments; consequently, no Class Lists will be published to the wider University or published in the Reporter for the Easter term 2021. As a result, there is no need for students to amend their publication choices to ensure their name is excluded from Class Lists in Easter term 2021.

All Undergraduate and specific Postgraduate students (those taking LLM, MBA, Master of Corporate Law, EMBA, Diploma in Theology for Ministry, Master of Advanced Study, Master of Finance, Master of Accounting) have their examination results published on Class Lists each year. The Class Lists are displayed on the notice boards at the Senate House and published in the University’s journal, the Reporter (in print and online).

Other Postgraduate students (for example PhD, MPhil, MRes, MSt, MLitt, CPGS) have approval of their award published in the Reporter only. There are no Class Lists published at the Senate House for these courses.

Removing your name and exam results from the Class Lists and The Reporter

You need to use CamSIS to remove yourself from the Class Lists and The Reporter. This opting out of appearing in the Class Lists and the Reporter should be undertaken by the deadlines issued in Student Self-Service. For the majority of students, those with examinations taking place in the Easter term and where the Class List is also published prior to General Admission, the opportunity to amend your publication choices opens at the start of Easter term and closes on 1 June each year.

When you’re logged in to your Self-Service you need to:

  1. Click on the 'Exams' tile
  2. Select ‘My result publication choice’
  3. Slide the Opt out bar across to show yes or no as required

You can’t choose to stay either in the Class Lists displayed at Senate House or published in the Reporter: opting out removes your name from both sources.

Keeping your name and exam results in the Class Lists and Reporter

You don’t need to do anything to include yourself in the published Class Lists and have your results published in The Reporter. You can change your preference at any time up to the deadlines given.

If you’re happy with your publication choice you don’t need to do anything for your remaining time with the University of Cambridge.