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University examinations occur throughout the year, and take place Monday to Saturday. The University recognises that the examination timetable might clash with religious observance that restrict work. Consequently, the University seeks to minimise these clashes, where possible, but cannot guarantee that such clashes will not occur. If such clashes occur, it might be possible to make alternative arrangements via your College.

The University policy is that it will consider applications for a religious observance that usually occurs over a restricted period (e.g. Eid ul Fitr, Shavuot, Pesach, Shivaratri, Vaisakhi). It will not consider applications where observance extends over a significant period of time (e.g. Ramadan), where it is normally expected that daily activities (including examinations) will continue as normal; nor will it consider applications for amendment to the examination timetable to enable a student to make a holy visit.

The guide here offers some advice on keeping healthy during Ramadan.

You must submit a completed self-declaration form to the Student Registry, by deadlines given below, countersigned by your College.  This form identifies potential days/dates, which might clash with University exams. The University will make every effort to address any clashes when the examination timetable is drafted. However, constraints placed on the timetable might make this impossible and it may therefore be necessary to make alternative arrangements, which will be discussed with your College.

The deadlines for 2023/2024 are as follows:

University Examination Period Deadline for receipt of form
Lent term 2024 Monday 16 October 2023
Easter term 2024 Monday 13 November 2023
Medical and Veterinary 2nd MB Exam re-sits (September 2024) Monday 10 June 2024