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Cambridge students


Class List publication dates

A list of classlist publication dates is made available each May for Easter Term class lists, for Easter Term 2019 the list can be found here.  Please contact the Student Registry directly ( for information about Michaelmas and Lent Term classlist publication dates or contact to your department.

Exam timetables

Examination timetables are published as early as possible, and no later than four weeks before the start of the examination. Please take care that you note the details accurately. If you discover any issues, such as a clash of papers, contact your college tutorial office as soon as possible.

You can view the examination timetable in several places:

  • On this webpage (below)- all current examination timetables will be published here once they are available
  • Via CamSIS self-service – click on ‘Examination timetable’ in self-service – note this is only available for the main exams in the Easter term
  • Via your College (undergraduates)- you will be issued with your own personalised timetable called an ‘Examination Confirmation Form’ or ‘ECF’ prior to your exams. This shows the time and location of all of your exams.



Archived timetables

In this section you will find timetables for previous undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate examinations.