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Download the Timetable here.


From Monday 25 April 2022

Monday-Friday 1.15pm-1.30pm (Students and Staff)

We would like to provide the opportunity for students and staff, wherever they working or studying, to connect with others from the Collegiate Cambridge Community through the Live Lunchtime Meditation Sessions. As with any online provision, but particularly our live sessions, we need to consider how we best support participants.

· We will do our best to ensure that the session is only available to the Collegiate University but advise all those participating to ensure they have their own up to date online safety systems (eg. virus software, firewall etc) in place to protect themselves and the group online.

· The Mindfulness Practitioner will mute the audience during parts of the sessions and participants are asked not to override this (unless invited to do so by the teacher, e.g. at the end). This helps to create a quiet, clear space for the meditation for the group as a whole.

· Participants should be aware that meditation is not always right for everyone all of the time. If you are finding mediation practices difficult or upsetting then there may be other more suitable options for you at this time. This might include physical activity or counselling support. Please speak to the University Mindfulness Practitioner if you would like to get guidance specifically in relation to your meditation or mindfulness practice. Information on other University Support Services can be found at:

For your own comfort and safety, please read the information below and the ‘information for interactive sessions’ prior to joining session.

o Students:

o Staff: 

Joining Instructions (Raven protected)



From Tuesday 26 April 2022 1.30-2.00pm (Students and Staff)

This interactive session gives you a chance to discuss your meditation with an experienced teacher. If you wish, you can send your question in advance to Elizabeth the Mindfulness Practitioner email: Or you can write your question in the chat box on Zoom. Elizabeth will aim to answer as many questions as possible, but if your question is not answered this time, please join us again and let Elizabeth know.

For your own comfort and safety, please read the information below and the ‘information for interactive sessions’ prior to joining session.

Joining Instructions (Raven protected)



From Thursday 5th May 2022 - 2.00pm (Students)

Come along for rest and relaxation, with a dose of fun. Each week, enjoy a meditation - plus a different mindful activity / play-xercise, designed to dissolve your stress, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.