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Lent Term 2020

Courses offered

Cambridge University offers its students mindfulnes courses free of charge.  Ground-breaking research into the positive effects of mindfulness for students have shown significant benefits (The Lancet PH, Dec 2017).  Separately measuring levels of mental distress, and well-being, the study was found to positively favour the Mindfulness cohort on both: even in exam term, students were less stressed and more resilient.

  • Mindfulness Skills for students 8-week course

This 8-week mindfulness course has been specially designed for Cambridge students – and was the basis for the ground-breaking study which shows mindfulness to decrease stress and increase well-being for students.  Courses are held each week fo term, starting in the first full week of term.  Why is it taught on an 8-week course?  Research studies have shown that it is through practising mindfulness meditation regularly over an eight week period that you experience the benefits. After eight weeks of training there is a significant increase in the ability to sustain attention, emotional regulation and perspective taking.  The classes last 90 minutes each.  You will be asked to commit to the whole course before signing up.

  • Mindfulness for Exams Workshops

Are you facing exams, or driven by deadlines? We offer one-off workshops which can be taken separately or together, on themes suitable for exams and deadlines:

Image outlining the topics available for the Mindfulness exam sessions; Keeping calm, improving attention, better sleep, and productive decisions

How to book in Lent 2020

  • Bookings are open on a first-come basis in the week before full term begins.

Before you book

  1. Check the timetable above: Discover which courses you could attend using the timetable.
  2. Not sure which course?  If your own timetable is not yet clear, you can still book.  Simply sign up for another course instead, and you can later change to a different course at a time you can attend.  If your timetable clashes at any point in term, you can also "hop" informally to a different course, to make sure you do not miss a session.
  3. Read the pre-course registration document and double-check that you wish to commit to attending all the classes, and doing home practice, as required.  For the 8-week course, check you can make at least seven out of eight classes, including the essential first class. 
  4. Not sure if Mindfulness is right for you?  Check our document on Moodle, "Is mindfulness right for me?" to find out more, and you can also access a taster of the first session: Week 1 Session notes

Booking your place

  1. You will be sent an email by your Senior Tutor approximately one week before term begins.  
  2. KEEP this email, because it holds the links to sign up for your chosen course.
  3. Bookings for the Lent Term go live approximately one week before term begins (book ASAP, as places are allocated on a first-come basis).

Waiting list guidance

If you are on the waiting list, you still stand a good chance at getting a place at short notice.  

  • If the session you are interested in attending is fully booked, please add your name to the waiting list.
  • We ask that potential participants book on the session they have a stronger preference for.
  • We try not to encourage multiple waiting list bookings, but understand that at times this cannot be helped.
  • If you make multiple waiting list bookings, please make sure you are able to commit to all the dates and times, as we cannot guarantee which session you will be offered if a place becomes available. 
  • When a place becomes available, you will be sent an email offering you a place.  Please accept or reject this offer ASAP.
  • Once you accept a place you will receive a booking confirmation, and any other waiting list places you had booked will be cancelled.